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  1. Jayne Ritz says:

    Preserve Our Past has voted to increase their area of concern to included significant architecture outside of the city limits. If you know of a special historic building in the adjoining countryside, let us know. We give preservation awards to buildings that have been carefully preserved according to Historic Preservation standards and we look forward to getting to know the many important buildings in the areas surrounding the city of Little Falls.

  2. Greetings Little Falls & PoP! Great to see you on the web with such a great site. Kudos to WayneConcepts for putting it together. Looking forward to future opportunities to partner with you on preserving the valley’s architectural treasures!

  3. Teresa Lee says:

    Preserve Our Past is looking forward to spring and completing our project that will provide signage for our fabulous Historic District! Please come walk or drive around Little Falls to see the beautiful architecture and appreciate all that the past has to offer!

  4. WayneConcepts says:

    Thank you Tolga… we were excited to be considered for this project and look forward to working with POP in the future.

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