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Bart$20Carrig$20PhotoThe Little Falls Community Bake Oven is listed on the New York State and National Register of Historic Places.  The Register is the nation’s official list of properties worthy of preservation.  Listing on the Register recognizes the importance of these properties to the history of the country and provides them with a measure of protection.  In addition, owners of income property may qualify for federal income tax benefits.  Properties owned by municipalities and not-for-profit organizations are eligible to apply for state historic preservation matching grants.  The Italian Community Bake Oven is located in the woods off Route 167 North.  The oven dates from 1891 when industrialist Alfred Dolge brought the first group of Italian men here to an encampment near the oven and from which they would daily leave to build the Dolgeville to Little Falls railroad.

Our work is completed on this project.  It is open to the public spring through fall seven days a week.  The city of Little Falls will be mowing the grass.



d28adb8bacd110f4ffff81a4ffffe415The second historic district, which encompass over 250 properties in the center city, gives property owners access to grants and tax credits they would not otherwise be able to obtain individually without being involved in the district.  There are absolutely no restrictions to being in a district, just advantages!

If you are a homeowner within any one of the two districts in Little Falls, please go to for further information, let them know what you are planning to do and they will ease you through the process and paperwork.  It’s a simple process and well worth it at tax time.  If you are doing a project that exceeds $5000 on your exterior, it is worth it to take advantage of this program.  Some interior restoration projects may also be eligible, too, especially if you are restoring the interior of a home to its original design.

You may also want to place a plaque on your home…here are just a few suggestions for plaques: