Restoration Project: Little Falls’ 1917 City Hall

Feb. 22, 2014 city-hall-little-falls-150x150[1]Photo courtesy of Little Falls Historical Society

The first step in the restoration of  Little Falls’ 1917 City Hall has been taken with a  signed contract between Preserve Our Past, the City of Little Falls, and Historic Preservation architects Crawford and Stearns of Syracuse, New York.  This agreement will be used to produce a  professional preliminary assessment of our civic building to determine its restoration needs and to establish priorities.

Crawford and Stearns, specializing in historic preservation projects, have served as counselors for many New York State restorations, the closest and most extensive in our locality being Main Street in Canajoharie.  Randy Crawford, a senior partner in the firm, will be working with Jim Palmer as the mayor’s representative and John Sullivan of the city’s DPW who will introduce the architect to the building.  This formal inspection, scheduled for spring 2014, will result in a written report which will be used by Avalon Associates, the city’s grant writers, to procure funds to accomplish the next recommended steps in the process.

Preserve Our Past, PO Box 105, Little Falls, NY  13365 has established a separate bank account for deposit of any donated funds for this project.

Nan Ressue, Chairwoman


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